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Pineapple Express – A Floral Masterpiece

Our client Tom along with his team mates, from the Barrie Men’s slow pitch league, had made the decision that they would go the custom route the next time they ordered jerseys.  Tom called us, as he wanted to put together a totally unique custom baseball jersey for his men’s league. They had been participating in this league for years in addition to an annual summer golf tournament. The goal was to design a jersey that could be used on both the golf course and baseball diamond and for it to be something versatile that could be worn for various occasions.

In order to execute this concept, they decided upon a Hawaiian floral design as the overall theme for the jersey. They researched Hawaiian prints online and submitted it to our design team. Other logo’s on sleeves were also researched and submitted to complete the look of the jersey.  They needed a tropical team name for their new design and decided upon “Pineapple Express”. A fitting logo was decided upon and submitted to our design team for proper placement and scale.

Our team went right to work putting together the finer details of the jersey. We utilized their initial floral patterns in the first design. After reviewing, we decided the floral pattern could be improved upon and we came up with an alternate design option and presented it to them.  The two options were presented and they ultimately went with our alternate option which was more in line with their vision.

For a baseball jersey of this detail, the best option was to use the sublimation process as there were many colours and effects within the actual print.  Like printing on paper, all sublimated uniforms start with the white fabric as a base. It is then put through the machine and ink is applied. Not all sublimation machines and inks are created equal. Low quality inks tend to look faded and colours shown appear less vibrant. Once the ink is applied. thousands of pounds of pressure are applied to seal in the colour on the white fabric. Once again, if the machine is of low quality the colour will not seal properly and fading will appear after just a few washes. These are some things to keep in mind while selecting a company to execute your next sublimated project.

The final product was quite unique and Tom and the team were blown away by the quality of print and fabrics used.  Opting for a button down jersey with piping along buttons, instead of pullover style for the jersey, allowed the baseball pattern to stand out even with the busy floral design.  The detail of the floral design was a hit.  Tom and the team felt the execution of the mockup was flawless and beyond their expectations.

Tom, we are wishing you the best of luck this season with the bat and clubs. Here’s to your creativity and for designing a jersey that is truly unique and versatile. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to do it again in the future!



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